About Teide

Brian Gregory and Paul Dunning formed Teide engineering with an aim to offer workshop and on sight service  repair facilitly to farmers and contractors.

Paul comes from a farming/contracting family based in Yorkshire. Paul moved down to Buckinghamshire to study agricutural engineering at Rycote Wood college in Thame.

Brian's family history is based round farming in Dinton and the surrounding area. He attended Hampden Hall college Aylesbury and studied agricutural engineering. 


Our name
As climbing mount Teide in Tenerife Paul and Brian have took on board the challenges of running an agriculture business within an industry that is developing at a fast rate that we had to adapt to. 



Teide's development

In March 2014 we introduced sales of Lely agricultural. Since then we have taken on sales of further agricultural machinery with Roger Stuart as our sales manager. Now we are the main dealer for Pottinger equipment for this area.

Our Community

Teide takes a keen interest in supporting the young farmers organisation. We are actively involved in supporting the royal agricultural benevolent instiution. 

Our Facilities

We offer workshop and mobile services, mobile


welding and hydraulic hose replacement. 

We know offer new and used machinery sales. A wide range of Lely parts kept in stock.

With the many changes we are seeing today with manufactures. When looking for our new main line of grassland/tillage equipment pottinger ticked all the boxes. Pottinger is a family owned business making equipment for small and large farmers/contractors. Having visited their manufacturing sites we were able to see first hand state of art technology being used at every level. 

About us

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